The emotion that comes from a thread

The magic all comes from a thin
and light thread like a cloud.

In Mirco Giovannini's creations, this lightness dominates by giving to women an allure of timeless elegance and style, like the divas of American cinema of the twenties and thirties, to which Mirco is inspired, but always one-step ahead today. Just like the women of the
21st century.

Mirco Giovannini is this: pure
talent that has managed to give knitwear, through the rediscovery of ancient techniques, an authentic, fairytale-like dimension, under the banner of priceless class.

Discovered by Vogue's <Who's
on the next 2006>, after being a fashion consultant for big luxury houses such as La Perla, Versace Uomo and Jean Paul Gualtier, in 2007 Mirco Giovannini 42, Aquarius zodiac sign, launched his first collection with his own brand. His unmistakable style is with big shoulders and puffy sleeves, always in the name of lightness, just like those clouds that chase each other in the spring sky.

Collection after collection, his
garments, dresses, coats, shirts, continue to arise emotions and dreams, helping every woman to feel unique, special, but above all irresistible. A style, that of Mirco Giovannini, that is not limited to glamor but is destined to leave a mark as only the great can do. In fashion as in life.

  • Curriculum vitae

    2018 To day
    FLO 'SOPHIE by Mirco Giovannini
    http: / /

    2007 To day
    The Mirco Giovannini brand is born

    September 07_Milan
    Event Presentation of the Mirco Giovannini Collection S / S 2008 at Pastry
    Cova shop Montenapoleone street

    September 06_Milan
    Lancome fashion show_new make-up

    July 06_Rome
    Who's next_Vogue Italia Competition -High Rome inal show new emerging

    94 | 95_Rome
    Confcommercio event emerging young designers, Odescalchi Castle.
    He wins the “Best Stylist of the Year” award.

    Style Off ce
    90 | 93

    Gabriella Frattini SpA - for the Setball and Gabriella Frattini lines

    93 | 94
    Knitwear Factory Fuzzi SpA - for Jean Paul Gaultier Maille Femme and Baldessarini man


    2019 To day
    I am collaborated with important brands that do not wish to be mentioned.

    La Perla Group - La Perla women's knitwear collection woman
    VE.ZE. Group SpA - for VERSACE classic men
    BVM Group - Les Copains Woman
    Forest srl - Save the duck collection capsule woman
    Zappieri Group - for Ritz Saddler and Milano JeT'Adore